December 18th update

Second meeting of the year! During our meeting we discussed many different ideas for new resolutions to add to our platform. Deciding on our final resolutions is going to be difficult and will require plenty of research from our KYG group here in Pend Oreille. This afternoon we heard from a local County Commissioner to give us some perspective on the branches of government and parliamentary procedures. 

Pend Oreille County 


  1. Well done Pend Oreille Delegation! You are really in the heat of the adventure. Did you come up with a definition of citizenship yet? I'd love to see it.

  2. We did post our definition on the first week, but apparently it didn't make it through. We will try to post it again.

  3. We did after our first meeting, but the website post didn't take. We will post after our next meeting and get our definition on then.