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    Currently 11% of all alcohol consumed in the United States is consumed between the ages of 12-20. The House Bill 1404 works to encourage teens and their friends who experience alcohol poisoning to contact 911 without the Minor in Possession Law. The overall aim of the Bill is to prevent alcohol deaths by allowing minors in need of alcohol related medical assistance to get the help they need without fear of the MIP law. On May 11, a 20 yr old Arizona University Student was left unconscious in a wheel chair in the hospital with a pos
t it note to alert the staff that he had been drinking heavily and needed help. By the time the medical personal noticed and helped, the young mans skin was blue and was having difficulty breathing. The student had consumed 20 shots of tequila as part of a drinking competition and had a BAC of .47%. While the young man was taken care of in time, his friends had delayed in seeking help in fear of the MIP law. 1404 works to abolish the fears and hesitation of contacting 911. About 1,825 die from alcohol related incidents including motor vehicle accidents.

    “The bill is just trying to send the message to young people that when you’re in trouble or your friend is in trouble, call 911, get the help you need.”
                _-Representative Marko Liias
    “Ultimately if we do not provide some kind of immunity and some kind of assistance we can invertly turn minor possession into a death penalty.”
                -Marko Liias
The Bill is kept short and broad as only to encourage its passing and covering the youth that it applies to. Even the contact sources are kept vague and allow any type of contact to count as within the immunity law. Although the law does not protect all of the accused and has certain restrictions such as past or excessive drinking reports.


  1. Very well done, the question I had was does this bill only give immunity to the person who calls? If so what keeps underage people at the same party from feeing the scene intoxicated when authorities are contacted?

  2. This topic is very interesting and I enjoyed have you gave facts and a story. I know that this is a very contraverscial topic. Are there any stories that are in washington that you have found?

  3. Good job! Way to do your research!