4-H Know Your Government

February 14-17, 2015
Olympia, WA

"Politics and the Media"
Digital Citizenship: Building Responsible
Citizens Utilizing Media 

Vision Statement:
The 4-H Know Your Government (KYG) Conference empowers youth and adults to engage in leadership, citizenship and life skill development and application.

Mission statement:
The 4-H Know Your Government Conference serves to strengthen the connection between youth and our political and social networks through education, experience, application and inspiration.

The 4-H KYG curriculum is designed with the following values above in mind:
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Accepting Differences
  • Learning to Learn
  • Decision Making
  • Useful/Marketable Skills
  • Responsible Citizenship

    4-H License Plate Bill Hearing

    Here is the 4-H License Plate Bill hearing from 2/20 inn Olympia.

    Spokane County Candidate

    Spokane County Candidate


    Campaign video

    Spokane county's Campaign video/flash mob.check it out http://youtu.be/Yf6l_Z1JREc

    Magic Skagit: Election Reform Resolution

     Our Election Reform Resolution did not send with the others.  So here it is:

    Skagit County
    Election Reform Resolution
    By Casidy Brown, and Kimberly Torheim

    Whereas, Youth are being shorted because they cannot understand the registration and voting process.
    Whereas, On-line registration and voting would help this. 
    Whereas, Youth do not understand the process in which people register, and vote.
    Whereas, A program to educate youth would on how to register, vote, and why they should, would increase voter turnout among youth in our country.

    Now, therefore be it resolved, that the current voting system needs to be changed to on-line so that youth will be able to understand it, and feel more comfortable.  There will be programs in place to educate youth on how to proceed through the election process, and why it’s so important that they do.

    ~Skagit KYG

    Spokane County

    Spokane County has fund raised over $5,000 and are still working on it. Our talent show brought in over $2,000. It was a great night of talent, dessert and amazing auction items. We had 5 acts--all the kids are 4-H members in Spokane County. The cost for each of us to go to KYG is $20 each !!!!! We're bringing 17 delegates and 9 chaperone's this year. 

    Spokane County

    KYG Coordinator's Final Update

    With KYG just over a week away, I wanted to update you on a few final things. This may be one of the most important updates I’ve sent this year. Please read each point.

    1) Candidate preparation and speeches to  clarify when and where candidates will be speaking; please  note: 
    Saturday 4:30   Candidate meeting,
    8- 8:30 pm   Session A, one minute or less to introduce self, including platforms if they wish
    8:30-8:45      Campaign Trail Search activity, candidates and campaign teams will be their county displays talking to others.
    Sunday    10- 11 am      Continued campaigning to the whole group
                    11-11:30       Counties will vote to select top 10 candidates
                    12    Top 10 candidates announced, will be reintroduced with their teams
                           Top 10 meet for next step instructions
    Monday    9-9:45 am     Top 10 candidates will give speech- no longer than 2 mins. Content should be decided by their campaign team
                   Top 10 will be narrowed to Top 3 candidates through Instant runoff voting
                   7:15- 9 pm    Top 3 Candidate's question and answer time. 1 minute response by candidates
    Tuesday    9-10:30 am  Top 3 Candidate speeches. maximum of five minutes
                     County voting to select 2012 4-H KYG Gubernatorial  Candidate
                     Winner announced.

    2)  Chaperones are needed during the conference for Sessions B, D, E- 2 chaperones will act as a scribes in each of the breakout sessions. A laptop will be provided with the resolutions on them for the scribe to make corrections. This is a servant position as you will be assisting the CF in the breakout sessions, not taking over. If you are interested in one of these positions, please email Marianne Walters at   walters@olympus.net by Thursday, Feb. 16th. You wil have a special orientation on Sunday night at KYG.
    3) Collaboration with Chevron. Chevron in a huge supporter of the KYG conference. This year we have been asked to connect that partnership with local Chevron stations. Therefore, we are asking each county delegation to go to your local county Chevron station and ask to meet with the manager. Share with them your KYG experience and thank them for their support through the mother company. Perhaps you will choose to buy your gas from them or stock up on healthy snacks for the road trip, but in either case the important piece is to build a positive relationship between 4-H and Chevron. When you get to the KYG conference, your delegation will be given a Chevron logo to place on a Washington State map, graphically displaying the Chevron stations we have connected with. When you return home, we would like you to once again meet with the Chevron manager, share some photos or antidotes about the conference and present them with a thank you note.  Chevron is one of the reasons we were able to lower the registration price this year. It is imperative that to strengthen this relationship, we provide this personalize touch. I am asking that despite the extra  commitment, your county group make every effort to participate in this appreciation of Chevron.

    4) Nancy Mordhorst will be connecting with each county to confirm chaperone and student enrollments. It is the county's responsibility to be sure all in attendance are enrolled in 4-H and that the chaperones have gone through all the required background checks and volunteer training required by your county. thanks for your attention to this.

    5) one final reminder about cancellations- any cancellations now, will still require a full registration payment- here is the policy that was stated on the registration forms:
    Refund/Cancellation Policy: Cancellations can be made until February 3, 2012 for full refund. The registration fee less $50.00 will be refunded if you cancel prior to February 10, 2011. Substitutions are  acceptable at any time.

    Thanks again for your commitment to our 4-H youth and this civic education program. It's going to be a GREAT conference!

    Jan Klein
    4-H Adolescent Leadership Specialist
    WSUE Spokane SSCF #213
    PO Box 1495 Spokane, WA 99210-1495

    Wahkiakum County

    Wahkiakum County
    Today we heading into the BIG city to purchase some materials for our campaign with our county coordinator. Our campaign departments started on different areas today for their related jobs. We made a menu for breakfast and look forward to our trip to Costco in Olympia before KYG. Our county afternoon out activity will be fun and we look forward to hanging out as a group.
    Abby, Maria, Shanna, Zach, Dylan, Ben, and Reuben
    Lisa Frink, 360-560-3570
    Wahkiakum 4-H Afterschool Youth Mobilization Coordinator

    Dress Code Video

    Hello fellow KYG members,

    Who is looking forward to KYG? I know I am.  With KYG in just under a week I know you are thinking of what to wear.  My county has come to the rescue. King county has come up with their own idea of the dress code http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cE7AObk4wHk. Hope you like it.
    Chris Sechrist 
    A Man Among Boys, A Leader Among Followers.

    Wahkiakum County

    Wahkiakum County Update
    We picked our candidate!!! His name is Ben Vasion. He a junior at Wahkiakum High School and and newly elected SA. He is active in wrestling and track. Ben looks forward to his campaign and his KYG experience.
    We recently had a successful fundraiser at the Pioneer Community Association Encore Concert providing refreshments. Our next fundraiser begins this week with selling items at our local middle school for Valentine's Day. This fundraiser and has been successful in the past and we look forward to its continued success.
    We are looking to schedule a meeting with our local county commissioner to get insight into the campaign process. We recently assigned roles to our delegation for our campaign.
    We look forward to seeing familiar faces at KYG 2012.

    KYG Resolutions Are Posted

    Links to the KYG Resolutions have been posted on the "Link List" on the Right Side of this Blog.
    It includes:
    • All Resolutions (Download all at once)
    • Economy Resolutions
    • Education Resolutions
    • Election Reform Resolutions
    • Energy Resolutions
    • Environment Resolutions
    • Health Care Resolutions
    • Immigration Resolutions
    • Safety and Security Resolution
    KYG Team

    Spokane County

    We have finally confirmed the last of our legislative visits. Because Spokane County has 5 districts, we have scheduled meetings with 9 of our legislative representatives. We will be busy Monday Afternoon! This week our guest speaker was Spokane County Commissioner Todd Milke. Commissioner Milke is a former state representative and was legislative advocate. He spoke to us about his experience in government, the relationship between county and state governments, and gave us a few suggestions on how to run an effective political campaign. This weekend is our biggest fund raiser, the 4-H Youth Talent Night, Dessert, and Silent Auction. (You should come, it will be fun!)

    Grant County

    Delegates from the Grant County KYG will be facilitating the Grant-Adams 4-H Super Saturday on February 11. We plan on holding a silent auction to raise money for the conference, and all of the delegates are are getting excited the closer the conference gets here.

    Grant/Adams Area

    The Magic Skagit: Day 5

    We are sitting at the Standwood County Living Expo doing a bake sale to raise money for our KYG campaign. We are looking forward to heading down to Olympia next month. Stay tuned for more magical updates.

    ~Skagit KYG

    KYG Update # 4

    With the registration due date right around the corner, I decided to send this update out to you directly as well as post on the KYG Blog. Please note the important information I am sharing with you:

    1) DO NOT SEND YOUR LETTER OF INTENT AND PHOTO TO MELISSA BROWN. As noted in the last update, send to Clinton Gathier at d_tipper_c@hotmail.com

    2) Please remember that even if you have sent in your registration forms your county's registration WILL NOT be complete until Sabrina Woods has received your planks, Marianne Walters has received your legislative appointment times and Clinton Gauthier has received your Candidate's letter of intent and photo. I will confirm all registrations in early February.

    3) Please  note information below shared by Melissa Brooks, one of our collegiate facilitators on our community service project: collecting pop tabs again (View the Pop Tops Post), and the dance. Download the flyer (.PDF File).

    4) We will be doing thank you notes for Chevron and Microsoft again this year. They won't be individual ones but ones from your county group. It is very important to our sponsors to know the the things learned by the teens or the new experiences they had through the civic education program. THEREFORE, I do not want the thank you notes to simply say, "thank you for your support, it meant a lot". I need real life stories and examples of what the students did or learned and the impact on their lives. You may want to wait and do your county thank you note at a county meeting during the conference. Please bring your own note cards and be prepared to give to me by the end of the event.

    Thank you for taking note of these items. Thank you for registering by the requested deadline.
    The 2012 4-H KYG adventure is just beginning!

    Collect Pop Tops

    Hi County Coordinators! Know Your Government Training was a great weekend!

    The Conference Facilitators worked well with the Planning Team to plan an awesome weekend. We have a feeling that this will be a great year at KYG. Just a reminder, we are doing the pop tabs again so if you could let your county know to be collecting tabs up until the conference. You can bring the tabs to the conference where the Conference Facilitators will be weighing the tabs and the county with the heaviest weight will win a prize. I am also attaching the dance flyer for this year's theme at KYG, be sure to tell your county delegates to dress up! I cannot wait to see you all at the conference with your delegates and what your candidate and their team has prepared. If you have any questions let Jan or I know.
    Thank you,
    Melissa Brooks, Collegiate Facilitator

    Spokane is ready for action

    We have picked our Candidate and turned in our information. Spokane's Candidate is our very own Elizabeth Wright!!!!

    Planks are also turned in. We have some very interesting topics this year. Hope you're ready for a good debate!

    Also our fund raiser has been moved to Feb 4th due to snow. If you're the area come support us.
    The 4-H Talent Show and Silent Auction will be at the Opportunity Presbyterian Church at 4:30pm. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!!!
    Spokane County

    Kittitas County KYG

    Here in Kittitas county we have been researching the different political parties and have been learning about platforms. We all came up with our own platform. This year, our county candidate is Cody Hougnon. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend our most recent meeting last Sunday so I can't update about that. We are all excited for the trip coming up in February! :)

    -Kittitas County KYG

    The Magic Skagit: Day 4

    We are planning to make lots of money on bake sale so we can have a fun county afternoon out.  We also have tee shirts all planned out and ready to go. We are busy making candidate speeches and planning our magical campaign. 

    ~Skagit KYG

    Wahkiakum County

    We have 8 youth members in our delegation this year. We are looking forward to meetings and to KYG 2012!
    Meeting Agreement:
    Be here- physically and mentally.
    Be safe.
    Be 4-H appropriate
    Have Fun!
    Pay attention.
    Be open-minded.
    Good Citizenship: A person that is involved in their government in a positive way and takes full advantage of their right and privileges to improve their country and world as a whole.
    What will you do, once you have the right to vote, knowing the history of other people's fight to earn voting rights? Some of us shared answers such as : Make educated decisions and not just vote random people, I will vote, and I will not abuse my right to vote.

    Wahkiakum Delegation Members
    Abby, Kyler, Shanna, Maria,Ben, Dylan, Reuben and Kael