Spokane County

Spokane County
Jonelle Winner

What is Media?

"Any means by which info, advertisement, etc. is communicated to the people."

Klickitat County blog post

Big Money vs. Social Media

Having no restrictions on money spending by the supreme court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission allows big companies to spend as much as they want on advertising in the political realm. It will allow them to literally buy campaigns. Social media can play a big role In this; both good and bad.

Whatcom County Issue Teaser

It took some time to get just the right photo(s) for our topic, as two were necessary.  These topics are local, but have global consequences - can you guess what it is?

Whatcom County Mtg, # 2,3 & 4

Meeting #2
Questions answered:
1) How will you think about bias differently?
Things are not all what they seem initially at first glance.  Many of us had stories to tell of situations where our first impressions were incorrect upon further study / fact finding.
2) How will you interpret news differently now?
It is important to look at the source more critically and ask ourselves questions such as:  Is this source original first person?, Is there another point of  view?  What does this person have to gain by telling me this?
Meeting #3
We discussed the pros and cons of facebook, since we were all familiar with that media form.
Some of the pros include: it is fast, free and allows us to connect with friends/ family over long distances quickly and easily.
Some of the cons include: ads were intrusive, it assumes what you want (makes suggestions) and has potential for privacy issues (i.e. some links can be questionable).
Meeting #4
We had a good conversation about social media and its influence to create and communicate in the political arena.
On the positive side, you can get opinions quickly, target your audience and energize your following (i.e. get out the vote when needed).
On the negative side, there is the potential in that those editing the media to "cherry-pick" responses to polls and re-shape the image to their liking, thereby distorting the truth.
We have 1 interview with the local mayor pending, along with a couple of contacts we are pursuing for more interviews.  We plan to meet at least1 more time to put together an amazing news story to share with all of you.

Definition of News

San Juan County, District 40

Group definition of news: Any kind of information that would be of any importance to anyone, can be given to anybody by anyone with any credibility. 


San Juan County, District 40

We thought the Harte-Hanks Communications v. Connaughton was a very interesting case. It brought up many cases of malice against Connaughton such as questionable sources, the lack of reliable advice, taped evidence to the contrary, and Connaughton's statements to the contrary. This is a good example of libel, because it was making Connaughton's reliability in his profession. 

Definition of Media

San Juan County, District 40

Group definition of media: The service that conveys information, via internet, television, magazines, newspapers, radio, or other means to the public.

Lewis County Meeting # 2

Lewis County meeting #2
Nereida Soto

Questions that were answered:

  1. How do issues affect you personally? When the news given is wrong or with incorrect facts.
  2. How might you respond to news though media differently, after looking at this issue? Don't believe it all because it can be wrong at times.
  3. How will you hold the press accountable to honest reporting and in what areas? To believe most of the news that come from where the event happened, on site reporting.

Lewis County Meeting # 1

Lewis County
Nereida Soto
January 13, 2015

At our first meeting we talked about what media and news are. When we thought about it together we came to the conclusion of these definitions:

Definition of Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TV, Radio, and the internet, these might not be reliable.

Definition of News: Newspaper, Magazines, TV, and anything that is in print might be behind in reporting news.  Could also be with those listed above with media but may be less reliable.

Walla Walla County Meeting #1

Walla Walla County
Erika Leinweber
January 13, 2015

In Walla Walla County's first meeting, we came up with a definition of news.

Definition: News is a story or an article about current events that might include public opinions on those events, and informs and educates its audience, and does not try to persuade them or sell them anything.

Kyg blog

Echo Haddenham
Meeting 2
This meeting we went over the subject of how everybody has a bias opinion and the same is for the media. We discussed how almost every article in the news has a bias opinion on the subject. We also came up with our issue for our county and created our plan for it, it was a very productive meeting.
Stormy Duncan, Sabrina Spooner, Truman Spooner, and Echo Haddenham

KYG blog

Grant County -
Further information on budget cuts:
Further reading on the Grant County board meeting minutes has showed
us that the community continues to be unsatisfied with the shutdown of
local centers. Many of the community members have pointed out that its
not only the local kids that are affected by th shut down but also the
neighboring small cities residents that feel the affects too. There
have been serveral attempts to solve the closing and even an attempt
by Ty Howard (Moses Lake Youth Hockey Association) to keep the ice
rink open with the teams own money and support for the 2014-2015
season. WHen presented to the board it was considered and agreed that
another meeting would take place between the associations to agree on
the terms of renting the rink. When this was approved other concerns
such as not just keeping the rink but also the BMX track, Batting Cages and surrounding Playing fields open and in decent condition. Support for local volunteers to run and operate the Larson Rec Center was applauded by the surrounding attending community but was frowned upon by the County board. Spencer Grigg (Parks and Rec Director) explained the cost of keeping the facilities running and stressed the need for paid experienced workers at the Center. the
board eventually decided that only the initial initiative will be
reviewed and possibly approved.
Having the honor and responsibility to keep up the Grant blog
has brought me to realize how important staying in tuned to local
issues is. At our meetings we bring a range from newspapers, website
information and meeting minute readings to support and review to
gather information about our chosen cut back here in Grant. we've also
found that when we look into one subject it is usually closely related
to another topic. to further prove this point we were researching cut
backs and found that Grant and surrounding counties are experiencing
cutbacks on their fair funding. This will affect the distribution of
ribbon money. I've also realized that facebook, instagram, ifunny,
vine, and snapchat are very popular and widespread. I initially signed
up for a facebook a week ago and since then I now have more than 50
followers and gaining more requests every-time I check my email. I find
that this century, instead of going out and doing something, or
talking to others, resorts to streaming media nonsense outlive boredom.
It's not always a bad thing, many news channels support awareness
facebook pages about lost dogs, fundraising projects and local events.
Other social networks such as twitter and instagram can cause major
drama and fights. Rumors after a local basketball game quarrel spread
throughout twitter and had bled into the entire school after just 12
hours. Its amazing what the 21st century has brought us throughout the
various types of media.
Well, as perplexing as social media is to me, I find that it
is very usefull to find information on our topics. Keep Blogging guys
and see you all in 4 weeks! Signing out--- Maddie

Grant Meeting #4

Grant County meeting #4

Today we continued talking about how the county spends the money through out taxes. Recently an article just came out about how at a recent county council meeting a proposal suggesting some budget cuts and some ways to keep some of our beloved community services, but sadly it was rejected. We also had a member interview the hockey team who had their rink shut down. They went into a council meeting also and suggested that they would pay for the rink and equipment for the season, the council also rejected their offer.

Our question is why even though the Grant county citizens have proposed different ways of solving the problems, are they being rejected? Recently, our fair has experienced a shortage in funding and is forced to cut our ribbon money. Most kids make about $75 from the ribbons they earn. Cutting these funds would devastate many exhibitors. Many local FFA and 4H groups have written the board pleading to not cut the funds. We will continue to write and publish in objection to cutting many of these funds. The only way we see to end the cuts is to protest with our voices, pencils and papers. Please support us in the same way and we encourage you to do the same in your own counties!

Sincerely Maddie and Cody

Meeting #1 - Lincoln County

Lincoln County
Denise Wollweber
Meeting #1
What is Media?
With an outstanding turnout of 16 students, we had a lively discussion concerning "Media", it's definition and how its changed over the years.  The resulting definition was, "a method used to communicate to a mass population".  The group had lots of input on how social media has changed the way we communicate. 
We also discussed News, Freedoms and limitations of the press and had a great time getting more acquainted.  Looking for forward to class # 2 on Friday.

Meeting #2 - Lincoln County

Lincoln County
Whitney Wollweber
Meeting #2

After spending some more time practicing interviewing each other, we started getting serious about our topics for the poster boards.  Although we are only required to complete one, we decided to divide our large group into two sections and will cover two topics.  The sections then divided themselves into partners to tackle the tasks of research, interviews, photos, and headlines and poster design.  This allowed each person to work in an area of interest and use their personal strengths to make this assignment a success. 

After learning how to detect bias in media, how to do an interview, how to research a topic, and how photos and other creative techniques are used to attract viewers, we feel prepared to begin our work on the poster boards. 

Can't wait to show off our hard work in Olympia.

Clark County Meeting #4

Clark County
Icey Lyman
Clark County Know Your Government Meeting #4

We in Clark County are excited to have had our fourth meeting for Know Your Government!

We started out our meeting with a review of the five key questions of media literacy, which are:
  • Who created this message?
  • What creative techniques are used to attract my attention?
  • How might different people understand this message differently from me?
  • What lifestyles, values, and points of view are represented in, or omitted from this message?
  • Why is the message being sent?

Then we asked ourselves, how do the five key questions help us determine bias? We came up with:
  • We can determine the bias of the article by considering the author and their personal biases based on their background and who they are.
  • All media has been constructed. So we should look how media authors design the media to attract attention and personalize their message to your biases.
  • We all have had a different experience in life. So we all perceive media messages differently - one person's reaction will be different then everyone else's.
  • And of course, all media will be different depending on the audience.
  • Media authors are looking for emotional reactions, so use critical thinking skills to determine the biases in the different media stories you encounter.

After we discussed the five key questions, we were able to talk about our subject and plan for how to represent our topic. Last meeting we had split our group up to do interviews, pictures, and research. We were able to talk about our findings and present all that we had learned over the past week. We also discussed who else to interview, resources for pictures, and all the things that needed to be researched to present our own well put together media message. Then we created the frame work for our message - the classical what, who, when, why and where that goes into crafting a well-made expression.

There was also a discussion about how best to promote our message - what was the best form of media for our group? After listing numerous pros and cons, the conclusion was Facebook, because it had family connections, message chat, mass messaging, and many other pros that outweighed the cons. We discussed how the legislature worked and how to lobby for our message by contacting our county representatives, and finding out what committees our legislators are on to better promote our topic.

Overall we had a great productive meeting! Everyone worked together well and voiced their opinions in respectful ways.


Snohomish County blog post

Grant County - Meeting #3

Grant County

-Views on shutting down our Larson Rec Center and other community facilities.

Hey!! Maddie here at our 3rd county meeting. This week we've started to dig deeper into why our community facilities have been shut down such as our beloved ice skating rink and batting cages. We've discovered that due to a deal between Grant County and REC Silicon (a nearby company) the county has to pay REC $500,000 (+) for reason unknown at the moment. Therefore the county board has decided to cut the Larson Recreation Center (this includes the skating rink, batting cages,tech center and general hangout center for teens), the Art and Science Museum and budget cuts on community cleanup of parks, bathrooms and other facilities. But, what we have discovered is that the cuts have exceeded the payment to REC. Why? We don't know. Will hopefully catch up next time and be interviewing head of parks and rec here in Grant, Tom Los. Until then keep it up my fellow readers and KYGers!

Cody and Maddie

Clark County Meeting #2 & #3

Clark County
Elise Wohler
Meeting #2 December 15, 2014 and #3 January 5,2015

Meeting #2-
In meeting two we continued discussing our hopes, fears, and how we can make this conference successful and positive for our group! We talked about why we should have the first amendment, and we came to the conclusion that it's important to protect the rights of people. Our group discussed why there should be protection for the media and talked about the importance of the media giving us a voice. Then we asked if there should be any limitation to media, but some of our groups members said if something in our world happens, people should have a right to know about it. If limitations are made where can you draw the line? We had great conversation during this meeting, and came up with ideas for our issues to bring to this years KYG!

Meeting #3-
During our third meeting we made decisions and came up with a game plan! After talking about the essence of media, how it's effective, and perceptions that that it gives we got into finally deciding our subject! It was very impressive to see how even though we had so many ideas to begin with, we were able to advocate for the subjects we found important and respectfully sway the group to come to an agreement! By the end of the meeting we all decided a subject that's important to the group as a whole and we're really excited to share it and promote our cause!

 Clark County KYG has already had one interview, and we thought we'd give you a hint to our topic!

blog post

Jefferson County
Sam Smith
Jan. 11 meeting

Writing, reporting, and what about that sheep

Twelve Jefferson County delegates met to work on their projects for the KYG conference. Divided into two groups, delegates researched and interviewed for their topics. They learned how to structure a news story to make it cohesive as well as interesting from their leader, who was once a journalist. Fundraising plans were formulated in order to gather the last of the money for the trip. The meeting ended with a game in which delegates wrote and reported on stories that had to involve a sheep, a dentist, dinner, music, a birthday, civics, Louisiana and someone/something that did not drive.

A Creative Example of Confronting an Issue

KYG this year is all about digital citizenship.  We are looking at new and creative ways to address issues that concern us and threaten our communities. I'd like to share this link with you, as an example of what some other civically engaged youth are doing.

Kitsap County Blog Post

Kitsap County KYG Meetings 1, 2, and 3--Because the Author Didn't Blog About Our First Two Meetings (Sorry guys!)
Kitsap County
Courtney Cass
Meeting 1: 11/16/14
Meeting 2: 12/12/14
Meeting 3: 1/2/15
Greetings and salutations from Kitsap County! My name is Courtney Cass, and I am Kitsap County's official KYG blog author. Due to Thanksgiving, finals, Christmas, and other holiday-related things, I have not been able to post about our first two meetings, so I will be giving a short synopsis of them before discussing our most recent meeting.
Meeting 1—Initial Preparations for KYG 2k15
On November 16th, 2014, 11 teens and our fearless leaders met to begin preparing for KYG. We began by explaining what KYG was to those who had never participated, reminiscing about KYGs past, and excitedly planning for future KYGs. We also discussed what we were going to learn about in our meetings, figured out approximate cost for the event, brainstormed fundraiser ideas and ideas for county night out, and decided upon our county agreement, which is:
Knowledge is power
(have) Interesting and engaging leaders
Teach others
(have) Smooth sailing with no major problems
Always have good directions
Practice public speaking
If you can't tell, our agreement spells out "Kitsap" J We then wrapped up the meeting by deciding who our blog author was (me!) and setting our next meeting date, December 12th.
Meeting Two—Getting Down to Business
Because this meeting was so close to the holidays, we decided to have a holiday mini-potluck! Pizza, cookies, and little smokies were just a few of the many tasty treats we had. We started our meeting by discussing some of the basic rules of any 4-H conference (dress code, code of conduct etc.). We also talked about carpooling options, how we are going to situate hotel rooms, etc., etc. We then learned about different types of media, how media affects us, how media can be biased, freedom of the press, and more. We then did a little activity in which we picked a postcard, wrote about why we picked it and what we think it said about us, and then shared what we wrote with the group. After that, we discussed the news story project that we will be presenting at KYG, decided on our topic, and assigned jobs. We then finished our meeting and decided our next meeting was going to be January 2nd, 2015.
Meeting 3—New Year, News Story
In our third and most recent meeting, we had another member join our ranks of awesome people. We talked a lot about news and the media and how we use media to connect. We then did a comparison in the group of how we use media. To start, we asked: What is your favorite source of media for obtaining information, connecting with friends, and sharing with others? For obtaining information, 80% of the group favors the internet, while 10% prefer the radio, and 10% use print information. When it comes to connecting with friends, 40% like Facebook, 10% use Instagram, and 50% prefer Snapchat. For sharing with friends, 70% of the group likes using Facebook, and 30% favor Instagram. Afterwards, we discussed more about our news story for the KYG conference. At the end of the meeting, we were asked individually what new things we learned from this meeting. The following is everyone's responses.
-I learned about new types of media to use to connect with friends
- I didn't know you could tag people on Facebook
-I found out most people in the group don't use Twitter
-I realized most people use Facebook to share things
-I learned how unreliable the news is
-I learned that not everyone thinks newspapers are worthless
-I learned about how Instagram works
-I didn't realize how many people in our group use Snapchat
-I learned that not many people in our group prefer Instagram to share about things
To finish up the meeting, we created our own Kitsap County KYG Instagram account! Feel free to follow us @4hkitsap_kyg_2015
Well, that's all for now. Our next meeting is January 23rd, so keep your eyes open after that day for your next updates from the fabulous Kitsap County! Until then, stay classy KYG!

Have a great day!
Courtney Cass


Lincoln County
Denise Wollweber
Meeting #1
What is Media?
With an outstanding turnout of 16 students, we had a lively discussion concerning "Media", it's definition and how its changed over the years.  The resulting definition was, "a method used to communicate to a mass population".  The group had lots of input on how social media has changed the way we communicate. 
We also discussed News, Freedoms and limitations of the press and had a great time getting more aquainted.  Looking for forward to class # 2 on Friday.