Whatcom KYG Meeting #1

Whatcom County had its first meeting December 18th.  We had a definite meeting of the minds when it came to a group agreement: i.e. respect for all, meet new people, having fun and to search for great food! (we are already talking about restaurant possibilities for county night out).

We discussed what was media: TV, newspapers, magazines, social media; and what was news: unbiased media ideally.  We then talked about privileges and responsibilities of the press.  After this discussion, members decided to be more cautious about what may be questionable information, more selective about what is believed and what will be repeated.  In conclusion, that we will "do our research."

Clallam County Meeting #1

Clallam County
Scott Archibald
Meeting #1 - Nov. 16th

As a group we decided on these two definitions of media and news.

Clallam County definition of Media: Media is mass communication in many forms with the purpose of collecting and sharing information.

Clallam County definition of News:  News is NEW and CURRENT information communicating important events and knowledge that is relevant to the audience.

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Sunrise or sunset can be a special time in any city. With a picture with the iconic Space Needle and Mount Rainier it can be special.

Jefferson County Meeting #1

Jefferson County
Mary Kulish
Nov. 23, 2014, Meeting #1

Gettin' in the Know Your Government Groove

The Jefferson County 4-H KYG Club got off to a great start. We made our group agreement, discussed the First Amendment to the Constitution, talked about social media pros and cons, discernment and safety. A few in the club are particularly interested in and passionate about several issues that are or may soon be impacting the local community; they presented the topics to the group so they can get started on their community issue board for the conference.

We also laid out a fundraising strategy that includes traditional money-raising events, such as raffles and car washes, and social media crowd funding. Taking the idea of digital citizenship and use of social media to heart, the club created a GoFundMe site. Check us out -- and feel free to donate -- at www.gofundme.com/jcKYG

We combined our raffle for a holiday-themed basket of goodies and a bird bath from re-purposed glass with a presence at the Port Townsend Art Guild Craft Fair, which was held Nov. 28-29. Several of the teens made crafts to sell too. The weekend event netted us about $300 toward our fundraising goal. A special note of gratitude to Donna Harding, president of the Art Guild, for enthusiastically accommodating and promoting our last-minute entry into the fair and to the Jefferson County Paws-N-Claws 4-H Club for sharing their space and assisting with our setup. And a shout out to Sam Smith, who is a member of Paws-N-Claws and our KYG club and a Conference Facilitator at the 2015 KYG event!

Our next meeting will focus on researching and reporting as we get started on creating our presentation board.

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Guess the CF!

The stork just landed and brought us 8 awesome Conference Facilitators! Any guesses on who they are?!? Leave a note in the comments about your guesses on who's who....and family, please don't give things away ;)

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What is Media Literacy?!?

For centuries, literacy has referred to the ability to read and write. Today, we get most of our information through an interwoven system of media technologies. The ability to read many types of media has become an essential skill in the 21st Century. Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media. Media literate youth and adults are better able to understand the complex messages we receive from television, radio, Internet, newspapers, magazines, books, billboards, video games, music, and all other forms of media.

Media Literacy Project is already receiving entries for the Bad Ad and Counter Ad Contests! It's not too late for you to get yours in! The deadline for entries is January 30, 2015. To participate in the contest, you must be a resident of the U.S. and enrolled in grades 6-12 in a public or private school or participate in an after-school program or community organization. Each young person may only submit one entry to each contest.

For the Bad Ad Contest you find a bad ad in a magazine and write an essay about why it's inaccurate and/or offensive and how it could be better.

For the Counter Ad Contest you find an original ad and then recreate it to send a different message that is more accurate, humorous, and/or reveals untold stories. Visit each contest page to read more about the rules and how to enter the contest.

Winners for both contests receive $200 and runners-up receive $100!


Check out http://medialiteracyproject.org/ for more media literacy information.

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Do Now #1: Selfies

Selfies: Love them or hate them?

You see them all over your social media sites: Selfies. We all take them, we all make fun of them. Watch this video (only until 5:50) and tell us what your opinion is!  Use the #WAKYG15SELFIES So that you can see what other 4-Hers are saying about them. After you post, be sure to respond to others ideas and thoughts. Happy Hashtagging!

Be sure to comment on this blog post with your thoughts too!

Welcome KYG 2015!

Heeellllllllllllooooooooooo KYGers!

Here's the first of many posts to come on the blog for the 2015 KYG year :) Our theme is "Politics and the Media -- Digital Citizenship." We are going to focus a lot on the ways politics and media is affected by the new digital age, looking at social mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and blogging.

Stay tuned for more updates from us! The easiest way to follow this year's posts is to click on the "Media 2015" label, found in the right hand column toward the bottom of your screen.

And, as always, listen for information from your local Extension Office about when your county KYG group will begin meetings.

Rachel and the KYG Core Team

4-H Know Your Government

February 14-17, 2015
Olympia, WA

"Politics and the Media"
Digital Citizenship: Building Responsible
Citizens Utilizing Media 

Vision Statement:
The 4-H Know Your Government (KYG) Conference empowers youth and adults to engage in leadership, citizenship and life skill development and application.

Mission statement:
The 4-H Know Your Government Conference serves to strengthen the connection between youth and our political and social networks through education, experience, application and inspiration.

The 4-H KYG curriculum is designed with the following values above in mind:
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Accepting Differences
  • Learning to Learn
  • Decision Making
  • Useful/Marketable Skills
  • Responsible Citizenship

    4-H License Plate Bill Hearing

    Here is the 4-H License Plate Bill hearing from 2/20 inn Olympia.

    Spokane County Candidate

    Spokane County Candidate


    Campaign video

    Spokane county's Campaign video/flash mob.check it out http://youtu.be/Yf6l_Z1JREc

    Magic Skagit: Election Reform Resolution

     Our Election Reform Resolution did not send with the others.  So here it is:

    Skagit County
    Election Reform Resolution
    By Casidy Brown, and Kimberly Torheim

    Whereas, Youth are being shorted because they cannot understand the registration and voting process.
    Whereas, On-line registration and voting would help this. 
    Whereas, Youth do not understand the process in which people register, and vote.
    Whereas, A program to educate youth would on how to register, vote, and why they should, would increase voter turnout among youth in our country.

    Now, therefore be it resolved, that the current voting system needs to be changed to on-line so that youth will be able to understand it, and feel more comfortable.  There will be programs in place to educate youth on how to proceed through the election process, and why it’s so important that they do.

    ~Skagit KYG

    Spokane County

    Spokane County has fund raised over $5,000 and are still working on it. Our talent show brought in over $2,000. It was a great night of talent, dessert and amazing auction items. We had 5 acts--all the kids are 4-H members in Spokane County. The cost for each of us to go to KYG is $20 each !!!!! We're bringing 17 delegates and 9 chaperone's this year. 

    Spokane County