New to Blogging?

Are you new to Blogging?

Just want to give you a couple of tips:
  1. Want to know when new posts are submitted? Go to the "Follow the KYG Blog by Email" on the right panel and "Subscribe" to receive  updates by email. Don't forget to click on the confirm link in your email.
  2. Looking for something specific? Let's say you are looking for "KYG Updates". No problem, go to the Labels section over on the right side of this page and click on "KYG Updates". This will show you all of the KYG Updates that have been submitted! The same works for other Posts in the label list. It is a quick way to get the information that you need.
  3. Don't feel shy about leaving comments as you read posts. Comments are moderated before they are posted so there is a bit of a delay. But it is a fun way to communicate with other KYG Delegates.
  4. The last tip is for Blog Authors "Please make sure you check your spelling!" Use the spell-checker in Blogger, or in your email program to check your spelling!
Blog Admin.
Carey Roos

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