Do Now #1: Selfies

Selfies: Love them or hate them?

You see them all over your social media sites: Selfies. We all take them, we all make fun of them. Watch this video (only until 5:50) and tell us what your opinion is!  Use the #WAKYG15SELFIES So that you can see what other 4-Hers are saying about them. After you post, be sure to respond to others ideas and thoughts. Happy Hashtagging!

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  1. I supes totes agree with this fine-bearded friend. While selfies are most definitely ridiculous and annoying and a cause for major controversy, they are also one of the greatest forms of self-expression in today's culture. Sometimes a text or a status update just doesn't cut it. When someone texts me and says "Good morning, beautiful. I love you. Have a great day." I want to be able to respond to them simply with a smile and eyes lit with joy. Therefore, I take this beautiful thing called a selfie. (Keep in mind that this is a totally implausible scenario because: 1. no one sends me good morning texts. 2. Why on earth would I send someone a picture of my face upon waking up? But you get my point.) Selfies are a great way to express our current mood when words simply won't cut it (or because we are too lazy). However, many abuse the label "self-expression" concerning selfies and use it to take countless selfies. Upon realizing that one is actually quite talented at this art of expressing one's self, a selfie will daily be posted via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. *Three cheers for Yik Yak's inability to post photos!* Selfies are to be used by the appropriate person, in appropriate scenarios, and published to the appropriate audience. All too often, we see parents taking a selfie with their child in the middle of a meal or playtime; the child is begging for the full and undivided attention of their parent. Again, take selfies in healthy moderation and consult your doctor if side-effects last longer than a week.
    Selfies are a beautiful thing when used appropriately. They are a great way to trigger a flood of happy memories. Just think... One day you'll sit down with your grandkids and show them the selfie you took with your cat and you'll say "Those were the good old days."

  2. I think all the words that could have been worded have been worded by Ashley and the 'fine-bearded friend'. I do support selfies. This is the way our generation expresses themselves. People worry about how anonymous the internet can be, but selfies are a sort of antidote to that issue. In any case a 'best face forward' approach to social media shouldn't be discouraged. Many people oppose selfies because their low grade quality reflects poorly on the principles of art and photography. To that I say, isn't it in the spirit of art to make something truly your own, put your own mark, spin, twist on it? Does quality really matter as long as your expressing something genuine?

    The only beef I have with selfies is the route of negative thinking it can open in peoples mentality. Because we place serious value on how many likes our selfie can get, the substances of a person is passed over for how good they look in the selfie. It can be a real confidence kicker when you take 50 selfies and don't feel good about even one. Little advice? Next time you take a selfie, take one when you're feeling truly happy, truly excited, truly proud. Those feelings shine out of you, and show up on camera crystal clear.

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