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Kitsap County KYG Meetings 1, 2, and 3--Because the Author Didn't Blog About Our First Two Meetings (Sorry guys!)
Kitsap County
Courtney Cass
Meeting 1: 11/16/14
Meeting 2: 12/12/14
Meeting 3: 1/2/15
Greetings and salutations from Kitsap County! My name is Courtney Cass, and I am Kitsap County's official KYG blog author. Due to Thanksgiving, finals, Christmas, and other holiday-related things, I have not been able to post about our first two meetings, so I will be giving a short synopsis of them before discussing our most recent meeting.
Meeting 1—Initial Preparations for KYG 2k15
On November 16th, 2014, 11 teens and our fearless leaders met to begin preparing for KYG. We began by explaining what KYG was to those who had never participated, reminiscing about KYGs past, and excitedly planning for future KYGs. We also discussed what we were going to learn about in our meetings, figured out approximate cost for the event, brainstormed fundraiser ideas and ideas for county night out, and decided upon our county agreement, which is:
Knowledge is power
(have) Interesting and engaging leaders
Teach others
(have) Smooth sailing with no major problems
Always have good directions
Practice public speaking
If you can't tell, our agreement spells out "Kitsap" J We then wrapped up the meeting by deciding who our blog author was (me!) and setting our next meeting date, December 12th.
Meeting Two—Getting Down to Business
Because this meeting was so close to the holidays, we decided to have a holiday mini-potluck! Pizza, cookies, and little smokies were just a few of the many tasty treats we had. We started our meeting by discussing some of the basic rules of any 4-H conference (dress code, code of conduct etc.). We also talked about carpooling options, how we are going to situate hotel rooms, etc., etc. We then learned about different types of media, how media affects us, how media can be biased, freedom of the press, and more. We then did a little activity in which we picked a postcard, wrote about why we picked it and what we think it said about us, and then shared what we wrote with the group. After that, we discussed the news story project that we will be presenting at KYG, decided on our topic, and assigned jobs. We then finished our meeting and decided our next meeting was going to be January 2nd, 2015.
Meeting 3—New Year, News Story
In our third and most recent meeting, we had another member join our ranks of awesome people. We talked a lot about news and the media and how we use media to connect. We then did a comparison in the group of how we use media. To start, we asked: What is your favorite source of media for obtaining information, connecting with friends, and sharing with others? For obtaining information, 80% of the group favors the internet, while 10% prefer the radio, and 10% use print information. When it comes to connecting with friends, 40% like Facebook, 10% use Instagram, and 50% prefer Snapchat. For sharing with friends, 70% of the group likes using Facebook, and 30% favor Instagram. Afterwards, we discussed more about our news story for the KYG conference. At the end of the meeting, we were asked individually what new things we learned from this meeting. The following is everyone's responses.
-I learned about new types of media to use to connect with friends
- I didn't know you could tag people on Facebook
-I found out most people in the group don't use Twitter
-I realized most people use Facebook to share things
-I learned how unreliable the news is
-I learned that not everyone thinks newspapers are worthless
-I learned about how Instagram works
-I didn't realize how many people in our group use Snapchat
-I learned that not many people in our group prefer Instagram to share about things
To finish up the meeting, we created our own Kitsap County KYG Instagram account! Feel free to follow us @4hkitsap_kyg_2015
Well, that's all for now. Our next meeting is January 23rd, so keep your eyes open after that day for your next updates from the fabulous Kitsap County! Until then, stay classy KYG!

Have a great day!
Courtney Cass

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