Media war has begun?

During your county's first meeting you discussed (or will be discussing) media and how it is defined. So far, we've had some great definitions, and we're looking forward to more!

One of the county coordinators alerted us to an online magazine called Wired. This month's issue has multiple articles about media, one of them a letter from the editor about the media's war for attention from the public. He mentions something in particular about news and how media affects it, which also ties in to the discussion about media and news.

"News has become unbundled, and publishers can no longer count on readers using any single source as the main course of their media diet. Readers flit from site to site, story to story, driven as much by Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest as by what­ever’s at the top of a homepage. Or maybe the trigger is an alert pushed straight to a phone. And word of a new story is as likely to come from a mom or sister or high school buddy as it is from a publisher."
Check out the rest of this story here:

Is it true? Do we "flit" from source to source, often looking because of a link or story we find on Facebook or Twitter? How does this effect how media distributes news?

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