Jefferson County Meeting #5

Jefferson County
Zara Kulish
Feb. 8, Meeting #5

Our last pre-conference meeting was all about finishing presentation boards. We did two issues. One focuses on an upcoming special election for a $38 million school district bond to make improvements to the Chimacum schools.  The other is the local response about the state's proposed budget to eliminate fair funding.
We researched topics by reading newspapers and other publications, budgets, etc. Jobs were divvied up among each team -- research, photos,
person-on-the-street interviews, contacting legislators and other elected officials. Then, everyone spent a couple meetings discussing the info and collaborating on the presentation boards.
One thing we discovered is that people -- voters and elected alike -- do not like to share "con" opinions about education. We think it is because they don't want people to think they are against kids or education. Our local state representatives said they thought fair funding was important because it does relate to education when one considers all the 4-Hers, FFA members, and others in the community who participate.

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