Lincoln County Issue: Small School Consolidation

Lincoln County 
Korie Klein
Anna Michael
Samantha Cluckey    
    February 3,2015 meeting #6
    While the consolidation of small schools in Washington state may provide a larger learning environment for certain students, it would also limit the learning capabilities of those students that have special needs or learning disorders. A child that has a disorder even as mild as dyslexia may need individual help with their school work. In a larger school that child is unlikely to receive the help that they need, they are also more likely to be bullied for their disorder. Children like this are more likely to prosper in a smaller school environment than in a larger one. Put yourself in such a child's place. Do you want to be bullied, beaten-down, and unable to fully understand the school subjects being "taught" to you? Or do you want to prosper in your endeavors?


  1. Great job Lincoln County! You have found an interesting topic, and I can't wait to see your next step in working to advocate for this issue.

  2. A question that pops up in my mind: Wouldn't a larger school be more likely to receive funding to start up programs for students with learning disabilities? When communities are consolidated, they don't always loose their entire autonomy. Thoughts?