County Delegate As Blog Authors

Each County is encouraged to write updates to the Blog. To do this one delegate in your County needs to be set up as a Blog Author.
Send your Blog Author information to Carey Roos. Information needed is:
  • Name of your Author and 
  • Email Address of your author.
They will need to get a "Google Id and will receive a confirmation email. All delegate posts will go through a "moderation" process.Send delegate information to the address below.

County Delegates information to Carey Roos, at

Sample Topics can include:
  1. KYG BLOG TIME Activities
  2. What is your Counties progress?
  3. What is your County issue?
  4. Who you’ve had as a speaker, what did they share?
  5. Basically any updates or information about your county delegation they’d like to do.

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  1. Author: Madelaine Merrill & Derreck Nicholas

    KYG Pend Oreille - December 4, 2012
    This evening our KYG group had our first meeting. As a group we discussed what the definition of a "good citizen" is. After the group discussion we concluded this: A good citizen is active in their community, and betters it by abiding by the law. A good citizen is also informed on current issues, communicates their concerns and opinions to the government, pays their taxes and exercises their right to vote.