Walla Walla County Enters the Ring

Walla Walla County is super excited to be part of KYG again. We have some new faces and some veterans attending this year, so the word of KYG will live on. So far we have discussed the parliamentary procedure and gone over the basic outline of what it takes to get to office, this includes the votes, the stages of voting and so on. We have yet to choose someone to run for our county, but we are still in the beginning stages, so we will get there.

We also have yet to choose a topic to run on, but once so we shall run on it with vigor.

We have written out what we think a good citizen is and our definition is :
"One who is informed about what is going on his or her community and his her government, and fulfilling one's duty to vote, participate in political discussion, and seeking to improve one's world."

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  1. So glad to hear that KYG will live on in your county! Yeah! A reflection for you, "is someone not a citizen if they aren't informed or don't fulfil their 'duty'" as you described?