Whatcom KYG Meeting #1

Whatcom County had its first meeting December 18th.  We had a definite meeting of the minds when it came to a group agreement: i.e. respect for all, meet new people, having fun and to search for great food! (we are already talking about restaurant possibilities for county night out).

We discussed what was media: TV, newspapers, magazines, social media; and what was news: unbiased media ideally.  We then talked about privileges and responsibilities of the press.  After this discussion, members decided to be more cautious about what may be questionable information, more selective about what is believed and what will be repeated.  In conclusion, that we will "do our research."


  1. Hello Whatcom County, I would interested to hear what discussion was about re: "privileges and responsibilities of the press". Feel free to create another Post. Carey Roos

  2. Good food seems to be a popular topic among delegations I've spoken with! ~Rachel

  3. By "privileges and responsibilities of the press", we thought it was important for press have free access to info to discern the truth before reporting as there are many sides to a story. Having more people with access felt to be better than a small group of people so as to provide checks and balances or a verification system to info that is disseminated.