Clark County Meeting #1

Clark County
Elise Wohler
Meeting #1 - November 17, 2014

In our first meeting we began with getting to know each others hopes and fears going into this years Know Your Government conference. This exercise was a great way to find out how we had similar goals and expectations going in. Some of our hopes included having a better understanding of the media, eating good food (which is more of an expectation than a hope), finding a welcoming atmosphere, and meeting new people with similar interests.

We then spent time discussing the difference between the definition of media, and definition of news and came to the conclusion of these two as a group.

Definition of Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogging, television, newspapers, magazines, and radio to get across your ideas and to spread the messages to specific groups of people. Constructing our messages specifically to the target audience.

Definition of News: Information that a person needs or wants, that's relevant to today that is disseminated and broadcast to the public.

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