Clark County Meeting #2 & #3

Clark County
Elise Wohler
Meeting #2 December 15, 2014 and #3 January 5,2015

Meeting #2-
In meeting two we continued discussing our hopes, fears, and how we can make this conference successful and positive for our group! We talked about why we should have the first amendment, and we came to the conclusion that it's important to protect the rights of people. Our group discussed why there should be protection for the media and talked about the importance of the media giving us a voice. Then we asked if there should be any limitation to media, but some of our groups members said if something in our world happens, people should have a right to know about it. If limitations are made where can you draw the line? We had great conversation during this meeting, and came up with ideas for our issues to bring to this years KYG!

Meeting #3-
During our third meeting we made decisions and came up with a game plan! After talking about the essence of media, how it's effective, and perceptions that that it gives we got into finally deciding our subject! It was very impressive to see how even though we had so many ideas to begin with, we were able to advocate for the subjects we found important and respectfully sway the group to come to an agreement! By the end of the meeting we all decided a subject that's important to the group as a whole and we're really excited to share it and promote our cause!

 Clark County KYG has already had one interview, and we thought we'd give you a hint to our topic!

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