Grant County - Meeting #3

Grant County

-Views on shutting down our Larson Rec Center and other community facilities.

Hey!! Maddie here at our 3rd county meeting. This week we've started to dig deeper into why our community facilities have been shut down such as our beloved ice skating rink and batting cages. We've discovered that due to a deal between Grant County and REC Silicon (a nearby company) the county has to pay REC $500,000 (+) for reason unknown at the moment. Therefore the county board has decided to cut the Larson Recreation Center (this includes the skating rink, batting cages,tech center and general hangout center for teens), the Art and Science Museum and budget cuts on community cleanup of parks, bathrooms and other facilities. But, what we have discovered is that the cuts have exceeded the payment to REC. Why? We don't know. Will hopefully catch up next time and be interviewing head of parks and rec here in Grant, Tom Los. Until then keep it up my fellow readers and KYGers!

Cody and Maddie

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