Clark County Meeting #4

Clark County
Icey Lyman
Clark County Know Your Government Meeting #4

We in Clark County are excited to have had our fourth meeting for Know Your Government!

We started out our meeting with a review of the five key questions of media literacy, which are:
  • Who created this message?
  • What creative techniques are used to attract my attention?
  • How might different people understand this message differently from me?
  • What lifestyles, values, and points of view are represented in, or omitted from this message?
  • Why is the message being sent?

Then we asked ourselves, how do the five key questions help us determine bias? We came up with:
  • We can determine the bias of the article by considering the author and their personal biases based on their background and who they are.
  • All media has been constructed. So we should look how media authors design the media to attract attention and personalize their message to your biases.
  • We all have had a different experience in life. So we all perceive media messages differently - one person's reaction will be different then everyone else's.
  • And of course, all media will be different depending on the audience.
  • Media authors are looking for emotional reactions, so use critical thinking skills to determine the biases in the different media stories you encounter.

After we discussed the five key questions, we were able to talk about our subject and plan for how to represent our topic. Last meeting we had split our group up to do interviews, pictures, and research. We were able to talk about our findings and present all that we had learned over the past week. We also discussed who else to interview, resources for pictures, and all the things that needed to be researched to present our own well put together media message. Then we created the frame work for our message - the classical what, who, when, why and where that goes into crafting a well-made expression.

There was also a discussion about how best to promote our message - what was the best form of media for our group? After listing numerous pros and cons, the conclusion was Facebook, because it had family connections, message chat, mass messaging, and many other pros that outweighed the cons. We discussed how the legislature worked and how to lobby for our message by contacting our county representatives, and finding out what committees our legislators are on to better promote our topic.

Overall we had a great productive meeting! Everyone worked together well and voiced their opinions in respectful ways.


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