Meeting #2 - Lincoln County

Lincoln County
Whitney Wollweber
Meeting #2

After spending some more time practicing interviewing each other, we started getting serious about our topics for the poster boards.  Although we are only required to complete one, we decided to divide our large group into two sections and will cover two topics.  The sections then divided themselves into partners to tackle the tasks of research, interviews, photos, and headlines and poster design.  This allowed each person to work in an area of interest and use their personal strengths to make this assignment a success. 

After learning how to detect bias in media, how to do an interview, how to research a topic, and how photos and other creative techniques are used to attract viewers, we feel prepared to begin our work on the poster boards. 

Can't wait to show off our hard work in Olympia.

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  1. Great work Lincoln County! I am so glad you are already practicing interviewing and your poster boards on underway! Can't wait to see the research and work you each put into your topics!