Grant Meeting #4

Grant County meeting #4

Today we continued talking about how the county spends the money through out taxes. Recently an article just came out about how at a recent county council meeting a proposal suggesting some budget cuts and some ways to keep some of our beloved community services, but sadly it was rejected. We also had a member interview the hockey team who had their rink shut down. They went into a council meeting also and suggested that they would pay for the rink and equipment for the season, the council also rejected their offer.

Our question is why even though the Grant county citizens have proposed different ways of solving the problems, are they being rejected? Recently, our fair has experienced a shortage in funding and is forced to cut our ribbon money. Most kids make about $75 from the ribbons they earn. Cutting these funds would devastate many exhibitors. Many local FFA and 4H groups have written the board pleading to not cut the funds. We will continue to write and publish in objection to cutting many of these funds. The only way we see to end the cuts is to protest with our voices, pencils and papers. Please support us in the same way and we encourage you to do the same in your own counties!

Sincerely Maddie and Cody

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  1. Financial factors are always a huge roadblock for any changes we want to see in government. Good on your group for putting time and attention to this topic!