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Further information on budget cuts:
Further reading on the Grant County board meeting minutes has showed
us that the community continues to be unsatisfied with the shutdown of
local centers. Many of the community members have pointed out that its
not only the local kids that are affected by th shut down but also the
neighboring small cities residents that feel the affects too. There
have been serveral attempts to solve the closing and even an attempt
by Ty Howard (Moses Lake Youth Hockey Association) to keep the ice
rink open with the teams own money and support for the 2014-2015
season. WHen presented to the board it was considered and agreed that
another meeting would take place between the associations to agree on
the terms of renting the rink. When this was approved other concerns
such as not just keeping the rink but also the BMX track, Batting Cages and surrounding Playing fields open and in decent condition. Support for local volunteers to run and operate the Larson Rec Center was applauded by the surrounding attending community but was frowned upon by the County board. Spencer Grigg (Parks and Rec Director) explained the cost of keeping the facilities running and stressed the need for paid experienced workers at the Center. the
board eventually decided that only the initial initiative will be
reviewed and possibly approved.
Having the honor and responsibility to keep up the Grant blog
has brought me to realize how important staying in tuned to local
issues is. At our meetings we bring a range from newspapers, website
information and meeting minute readings to support and review to
gather information about our chosen cut back here in Grant. we've also
found that when we look into one subject it is usually closely related
to another topic. to further prove this point we were researching cut
backs and found that Grant and surrounding counties are experiencing
cutbacks on their fair funding. This will affect the distribution of
ribbon money. I've also realized that facebook, instagram, ifunny,
vine, and snapchat are very popular and widespread. I initially signed
up for a facebook a week ago and since then I now have more than 50
followers and gaining more requests every-time I check my email. I find
that this century, instead of going out and doing something, or
talking to others, resorts to streaming media nonsense outlive boredom.
It's not always a bad thing, many news channels support awareness
facebook pages about lost dogs, fundraising projects and local events.
Other social networks such as twitter and instagram can cause major
drama and fights. Rumors after a local basketball game quarrel spread
throughout twitter and had bled into the entire school after just 12
hours. Its amazing what the 21st century has brought us throughout the
various types of media.
Well, as perplexing as social media is to me, I find that it
is very usefull to find information on our topics. Keep Blogging guys
and see you all in 4 weeks! Signing out--- Maddie

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  1. Excited to read about your topic at KYG! Don't spoil it too much by writing all about it on the blog!